Most accurate flow measuring device on the market


Most accurate air flow measuring device on the market!


Flo-Cross® air flow sensor

  • Multiple test points (at least 2 x 12 points) equally distributed in the duct area

  • Only 1 diagonal straight duct required

  • Better than 2.5% accuracy

  • Centre averaged signal

  • Linear amplified


Flo-Cross® | Application & Operation

The Flo-Cross® is an original Barber-Colman design (former Barcol-Air) and is a multi-point averaging airflow sensor and is used to exactly measure the pressure difference inside a rectangular or circular VAV/CAV terminal to determine the airflow going through the unit.

The Flo-Cross sensor amplifies the air pressure signal linearly with an amplification factor of at least 2.0. The sensor always contains 2x12 sensing points, which are arranged in two perpendicular axis. The sensing holes are arranged in such a way that each four points in a ring sense the air pressure across concentric circles of equal area in a round duct. The signal is than averaged and measured from the centre of the Flo-Cross. The accuracy of the signal is better than 2,5% even with irregular duct approach.


Flo-cross documentation
Download the Flo-Cross technical leaflet here!