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90.000 m² of contruction

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Third ROP hospital

In 2012 The Royal Oman Police started with the construction of its new luxurious health institution.
The hospital occupies 90.000 m², of which the different floors house several specialised individual hospitals. The full fledged hospital consists of different departments where specialists work to deliver optimal care to the patients. It will provide medical care to the members of the Royal Oman Police and their families. One of the main features of this hospital is the VIP facility that provides exceptional medical care to the highly ranked members of this important governmental authority.

The complex is located in the Airport Heights area of the capital city Masqat and is a spacious, luxurious building and the Third Royal Oman Police Hospital in Oman. Next to high quality medical care, the hospital also counts with research possibilities and high-end support services and engineering systems. Because the client demands these high quality technical systems, Barcol-Air products were selected.

LTHW coils with Induction VAV

The project will be led by Barcol-Air partner: Aspire Projects and Services, Oman.

 Barcol-Air will supply:

Over 1300 pieces of VAV and Induction VAV terminals, all fully equipped with factory fitted, wired and calibrated Schneider Electrical Micronet™ BACnet™ DDC VAV controllers, room thermostats, transformers and thermal valve actuators for hot water reheat coils.

  • Masqat (Oman)
  • Aspire Controls and Solutions (UAE)
  • Health Care
Project: Royal Oman Police Hospital
Project: Royal Oman Police Hospital
Project: Royal Oman Police Hospital
Project: Royal Oman Police Hospital

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