Sheikh Khalifa Hospital | UAE

Plug & Play VAV solution

For the Sheikh Kalifa Hospital, Barcol-Air supplied around 560 pieces of pressure independent plug & play VAV’s with thyristor type electrical reheat coils.

Sheikh Khalifa Hospital | UAE

MEP consultant:
Consolidated Consultans
MEP contractors:
Fibrex Construction
NG Global

Complete VAV & Control solution

This project contains two centres of care: the Central Hospital and the Disability Rehabilitation Centre as well as a separate Hotel. The site offers a commanding and uninterrupted view of the ocean. Barcol-Air was appointed to provide a complete VAV + Controls Solution.

In close cooperation with the MEP Consultant; Consolidated Consultants Group, we developed 6 nos. types of software to control 30 nos. VAV control strategies for various types of applications, such as pressure control, humidity control, supply/exhaust control and fast acting controls. This because the consultant demanded a stand alone operation of the VAV terminals independent of the Building Management System. The BMS is solely used for monitoring and post ajustments purposes.

Single Source, Single Responsibility

Within this project Barcol-Air can really show its capabilities on the field of applied controls software. Much is possible with current DDC VAV controls and SKCH is a perfect example on how Barcol-Air is able to wield this type of controls software. Our Centre of Excellence in the Middle East, NG Global, was responsible for the final handover and integration of the installed VAV terminals to the Honeywell BMS system. 

A true “Single Source Single Resposibility” scope of work as a provider of complete VAV System Solutions.

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