Induction VAV | Green comfort solution


Barcol-Air VAV systems have proven to be very energy efficient in providing an optimal indoor climate. The latest standards and requirements for energy efficiency and human thermal comfort make it more and more challenging to design new HVAC systems that comply to these standards. Energy could be saved by reducing primary air volumes to a minimum during reduced load conditions. However with conventional VAV systems this could cause “cold air dumping” and lack of air movement in the room, resulting in occupants discomfort and a consequent decrease in productivity.

    Transparent render of the Induction VAV


Induction VAV is the best solution to maintain proper air circulation and comfort levels, reducing the primary treated air to very minimum (20% of maximum). Without the use of an additional fan, room air will be induced and induction VAV guarantees that the required standards for comfort will always be achieved. 


Energy efficiency




This graph explains how Induction VAV can be a big energy saver in any building. Even by reducing the primary air to 20% a proper air circulation and comfort level can be maintained.


  • Optimum in comfort
  • Minimum energy use
  • Capacity up to 200 W/m2 without loss of comfort
  • Cooling, heating and ventilation done by a single VAV terminal
  • Pressure independent
  • Induction without use of a fan and filter
  • Savings in primary ductwork
  • No cold air dumping
  • Low noise levels
  • Maintenance free
  • Standard VAV controller can be used
  • Highly accurate Flo-Cross® air flow sensor



 Simple render of an Induction VAV system and the airflow pattern of the cold primary air mixing with the warm induced air from the induction nozzles.    



 Download: Induction VAV folder