Ready for the future

Nowadays in a world where energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable products and workspaces are more important than ever, Barcol-Air comes with cutting edge technologies.

With a strong partnership between Barcol-Air and our SIG Air Handling associates, we created a new level of sustainability through HVAC excellence, which resulted in our contribution to the smartest building in the world, The Edge, Amsterdam, awarded with the highest sustainability score by BREEAM 


Intelligency is the solution

Added value to a greener building

Taking a closer look at an intelligent VAV system and with which products we implement this in the latest and state of art buildings, we use the following items:



These items complement each other to ensure an energy efficient, fully functional and optimal comfort HVAC system. All controls are factory fitted, wired, calibrated and tested. Plug & Play installation is a given fact and an important reason for customers to choose for Barcol-Air products and systems. 



Not in Tokyo, New York, Delhi, London or Paris, but in Amsterdam you will find the world’s most sustainable office building: The Edge. The sophisticated design, combined with smart and advanced technology, resulted in a 98.4% (BREEAM-NL) sustainability score for the building.

The Edge sheds new light on real estate in the future: buildings that generate more energy than they consume. The Edge has verything on offer to enable a pleasant workplace, in every sense of the word. The innovative design creates a comfortable living environment, whilst additionally focusing on sustainability and efficient energy consumption.



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