Circular VAV terminals | NB type Pressure independent | Double wall construction

Circular VAV terminals | NB type

Circular pressure independent VAV air volume control terminals. These terminals are designed particularly for systems with space and installation restrictions and for the accurate measurement and control of air volumes courtesy of the patented air flow sensor type Flo-Cross®.

<p>Type NBOBOOB</p>
<p>Type NBOGDOB</p>
<p>NBOQ.OB type</p>
<p>NBON.OB type</p>
<p>Type NBOCOOB</p>
<p>Type NBOEOOB</p>
<p>Type NBOHDOB</p>
<p>NBOP.OB type</p>


  • Pressure independent control functions.
  • For individual room temperature control.
  • Low leakage damper.
  • High accurate air flow sensor (Flo-Cross type).
  • Quiet in operation. 
  • Optional: sound attenuator and/or reheat coil (hot water or electric).


In CAV application, the NB terminals maintain the required constant airflow independent to the inlet static pressure.

In VAV application, the terminals control the air volume to the room, depending on the cooling load required thus saving energy consumption in both cooling and heating applications. Alternatively VAV terminals are ideal to be used for CO2 control. Dependent of the indoor air quality, always the correct amount of fresh air will be supplied to the room. Off course the primary air handling system need to be suitable for this.

The VAV or CAV terminals can be used either for supply or return air applications in new or refurbishment projects. The terminals do have a single wall construction and can be delivered with a distribution plenum and a built-in hot water or electric reheat coil.

The NB-terminals comply to the latest edition of ANSI/AHRI Standard 880 (I-P).

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