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It is a fact that after some time the fan motor of a Fan Coil Unit needs to be replaced, this while the rest of the unit is still functioning properly.

With the Easy DC BOX introduces Barcol-Air an option to replace the standard 3-speed AC motor with a DC motor (0-10V), without affecting the control technology components and no wiring need to be replaced. The Easy DC BOX guarantees a smart and sustainable upgrade of existing infrastructure while retaining the existing installations.

Easy to install

Due to the clear and simple design of the Easy DC BOX, mounting the EASY DC BOX only takes 15 minutes extra installation time. You fix the EASY DC BOX to the side of the unit with screws, the current wiring goes in on the left and the 0-10V control and power supply for the motor comes out on the right.

Sound and renovation

Barcol-Air has been selling Fan Coil Units for over 25 years, the majority of these systems are still running. However, these systems have been designed based on the requirements of that time. 

As you know, quite a bit has changed. These days, noise levels, among other things, are viewed very differently. With the EASY DC upgrade it is possible to slightly reduce the fan speed of the current Fan Coil Units so that there are no more sound problems. For renovation, where offices are divided up and new spaces are created, the EASY DC BOX also offers the possibility to reduce the fan speed of the  Fan Coil Units. (Please note the diffuser selection) This gives the system a sustainable upgrade and a comfort improvement.

EASY DC BOX | Barcol-Air


Barcol-Air has developed a new 0-10V variant for all motors. All replacement motors and the EASY DC BOX are in stock as standard, so you can act quickly.

Payback period based on:

  • 14 operating hours per day
  • 300 business days
  • Top speed

All the profits of the EASY DC BOX in a row:

      • Easy upgrade from AC to DC motor
      • Retention of existing cabling and thermostat / DDC equipment
      • Easy to assemble
      • Energy consumption savings of up to 68%
      • Payback period 3-5 years
      • Also applicable in Fan Coil Units supplied by third parties
      • Simple way to improve the EPC for January 2023
      • Low extra cost per unit compared to a complete replacement


Download the EASY DC BOX information folder here!

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