Certifications & guidelines

Barcol-Air complies to and follows the guidelines of several international standards.


  • ISO 3741 and ISO 5135 standards for sound data test
  • ISO 7730 and DIN 1946 (1994) standards for thermal comfort
  • NEN-EN 1751and NEN-EN 15727 for casing and damper leakage as per LUKA qualtiy manual
  • ISO 7726 and ISO 7730 standards for climate laboratory
  • AHRI 880 certification for VAV terminals
  • NFPA 90A and 90B surface burning characteristics for insulation material
  • BS 476 part 6 fire propagation for insulation material
  • BS 476 part 7 surface spread of flame for insulation material
  • UL listing for electric heater coil elements
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