Our test facilities

At Barcol-Air we develop added value products and systems, backed by our own test facilities like the Climate Room and accoustic reverberation room.

Climate Room

Barcol-Air Climate Room meets the most recent NEN-ISO standards 7726 and 7730. It can perform full-scale tests with the room built to actual specifications. The laboratory can simulate any type of outdoor condition with its unique double climate facades from floor to ceiling. The mock-ups can also be added with other project specific specifications like: ceiling, floor, furniture, lighting and convectors.

The data acquisition system has an unique calculation module to present real time data, not only air temperature and velocity, but also the PMV (Predicted Mean Vote), PPD (Percentage People Dissatisfied) and DR (Draft Rate).

Acoustic reverberation room

Our acoustic reverberation room is specially designed to measure the discharged, radiated, inlet and/or outlet sound levels of different products.

The measured sound pressure levels will be corrected with the reverberation time of the room and the background noise to present the sound power levels in tabular and graphical format.

HVAC & Controls test room

In the HVAC test room different type of tests on our air distribution products can be carried out.

This can be controls and air volume accuracy tests, pressure drop tests, induction ratio tests, etc.

Air Tightness testing

NEN-EN 1751 is an European method for measuring and catagorizing the level of air tightness of all products used in the HVAC.

Since all air that is lost in poor quality ducting, VCD’s, VAV’s, etc, is a waste of energy, Barcol-Air aims on having all of it’s products tested to these standards and not exceeding a certain level of air leakage. Our test facility is attested by TÜV.

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